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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Code Friendly

There are thousands of blogs and tutorials websites are available on the internet but not all of the information is useful or of good quality. In this Article We’ll show you 5 ways to keep your code browser, user and search engine friendly. Keep follow this few steps, and i definitely sure that will helps you for your next website project. Enjoy it!

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How to Create Your Own Simple Reset.css File

Most of the novice CSS designers don’t realize the importance of creating a “reset.css” file. Different browsers process code differently. What may look perfect in Firefox, may be off in Internet Explorer. There are many CSS Resets all over the internet that help combat browser problems. The major problem with using one of the many currently existing frameworks is that they aren’t tailored specifically to you.

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Time for Celebration, as this our 100th Post

We would like to thank all our visitors for making DEVELOPER’s PARADISE one of the best blogs in the world. We, ACE INFOWAY INDIA, a leading IT company based in Delhi (INDIA), always felt the need to share our graphic design ideas and development techniques with our worldwide community. We received a huge response from our visitors. We are happy to be here after four (4) months of launch. Developer’s Paradise is growing everyday and we sure have plans to make the blog design better with time, more organized and keep the exclusive Tutorials, Freebies and Showcases coming your way. As a celebration we would like to share some of our most popular posts with you.

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