Monthly Archives: October 2009

How to Create Your Own Simple Reset.css File

Most of the novice CSS designers don’t realize the importance of creating a “reset.css” file. Different browsers process code differently. What may look perfect in Firefox, may be off in Internet Explorer. There are many CSS Resets all over the internet that help combat browser problems. The major problem with using one of the many currently existing frameworks is that they aren’t tailored specifically to you.

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5 Online Background Generator Tools

There are a lot of online Background Generator Tools are available on the internet where you can change, enhance and make beautiful background without knowledge of program like Photoshop.

I have collected five best and most useful online Background Generator Tools. I think you should be already familiar with some of Background Generator so you have to find out new ones. if you think i missed something you can tell in the comment box.

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Download 1000 Free Farm-Fresh Web Icons

Just another freebies for our blog reader. In this showcase you will find a enormous collection of free icons which is created by FatCow. In this showacase you can download more than 1000 free icons. This is one of the greatest collections of top-quality icons that you will find I’m sure that you’ll find something useful.

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