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30 Sleek Single Page Websites

With the internet moving faster and faster, users wanting more and quicker, some designers try to give the user everything all at one – on one single page. This works very well with portfolios, when you don’t need to leave the page or site to see a full source of portfolio pieces.

With easy scrolling sliders with jQuery and other web technologies, and the ease of mouse scrolling, for me this is a great way of trying to make your site work a different way.

This trend has been around a few years now, and these websites are showing many different ways of exploring the single page design.

In this showcase, you’ll see 30 sleek single page websites.
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35 Creative Illustrative Website Headers

Using illustration in a web design can give it a captivating and impressive look. When used in a manner that compliments the theme, topic, and message of the site – it can be an effective way of creating a memorable impression upon users. When used in a prominent location – such as the website’s header – the designer ensures that his or her visitors will see the work of art right away.

In this showcase, you’ll see 35 beautiful website headers that use illustration for your design inspiration.
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20 Websites With Wood Background

I find them as one of the modern style website and they look attractive for me (Just my thought). I know this is a little bit late posting about websites with wood background but I would like to extend it through this post. In this post I want to share a list of 20 Creative Websites with Wood Background in no particular order.

Did I forgot to include your website? well, you can always add it in the comment area and I would be glad on it.
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