Monthly Archives: September 2009

How to Create Nice Scalable CSS Based Breadcrumbs

A few days ago I was implementing breadcrumbs in a website I’m working on. breadcrumbs are not using often but most of the corporate websites are using breadcrumbs. In this tutorial i will learn you how to create nice scalable CSS Based Breadcrumbs. I am using only one simple graphic. The rest is basic CSS styling with an unordered list as HTML code.

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A Massive Collection of Free and Premium WordPress Theme Websites.

WordPress is growing in its popularity and more and more sites are switching to WordPress because of the ease of maintenance and usage. For WordPress, you can install any theme according to your choice and manage the content of your website easily with the help of widgets and plugins. But, selecting a perfect WordPress theme is bit tricky as you do not know how the theme looks like, after you install it. To avoid this problem, there are websites which enable you to preview themes with ease and you can decide whether to download a theme or not.
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